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Participating Insurance Plans
The office participates in most insurance plans, including Medicare, No-Fault and Workers’ Compensation. As plan changes are in constant flux given the current health care system, it is advised to contact the office should you have questions and refer to you certificate of insurance and/or benefits’ administrator as to the type of coverage that you have purchased.

The patient must remember that it is their contractual responsibility for the payment of co-payments at the time of service based on their policy with their respective health insurance company. All co-payments must be paid; they are no waivers. We would appreciate prompt receipt of your referral, if needed. If care requires a referral and none is received, no visit may take place – there are no exceptions.

Prior to coming for the first appointment, the patient should make every effort to bring any prior imaging studies (x-rays, CT scans, and MRI studies) and/or other health care provider treatment records. A list of prior medications as well as supplements (vitamins, herbs, nutriceuticals, etc.) should also accompany the first visit. Any allergies or reactions to medications or prior treatments should be noted. Be able to relate past surgeries and/or nerve blocks, if received.

Accepted Plans Include

We accept the following Methods of Payment:

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